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by Jeff Bober
& Mick Marcellino
Informative podcasts for musicians on amplifiers, guitars and everything between.



The informative podcast for musicians on amplifiers, guitars and everything between. Your host Jeff Bober is considered by his peers as the "Godfather of low wattage amps" and is the owner of East Amplification. Along with Mick Marcellino who covers all of the guitar needs this show will not only be informative but a fun listen. Each show below ends with TIPS & TRICKS.

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Episode 1 - Are we scientists? (01/01/14)
In their debut episode Jeff and Mick discuss if musicians have become too knowledgeable and concerned on the physics of their instruments. Then Mick interviews Jeff “The Godfather of Low Wattage Amps” Bober; Jeff takes us from his beginnings up until his time with Budda Amplification (stay tuned part 2 next week). The guys then give their “Tips and Tricks of the Week”. Stay tuned because in future episodes we will be interviewing amp builders, guitar builders and musicians from around the world…

Episode 2 - One mans quest for tone (01/08/14)
Jeff and Mick discuss the differences in cabinet woods and the tones some of those woods create. We then go into part 2 of the Jeff Bober interview; Jeff discusses his time spent with Budda up until his current company East Amplification. During the interview Jeff reveals some information that will surprise most of you. . .

Episode 3 - Jason Schroeder from Schroeder Guitars (01/15/14)
The guys are back for their third show and they start off with Active vs. Passive Pickups. Then they get a call from master guitar builder Jason Schroeder; Jason takes us through his years as a builder and where he is now in the business. . .

Episode 4 - Joe Macre from King Friday (01/23/14)
Todays show starts of with Mick ranting about the customer service he received (or the lack thereof) from an audio interface source. Then Jeff takes us into some of his relationships he has had with different speaker manufactures and what he currently uses for his East Amps. Jeff then sits down with Bass Player extraordinaire Joe Macre foundung member of Crack the Sky and currently his new band King Friday; Joe goes through some of his history as a bass player and then goes into an in-depth conversation about his current basses. . .

Episode 5 - Matt Jones from Cowboy Mouth (01/29/14)
Matt Jones from Cowboy Mouth joins the guys this week; we start off discussing composite materials in guitar building. Matt then tells us about his skydiving adventure, goes through his current setup and talks about his band Cowboy Mouth. . .

Episode 6 - Kevin Brubaker from Brubaker Guitars (02/06/14)
The guys go on the road and pay a visit to a true artist, Mr. Kevin Brubaker from Brubaker Guitars. First we start the show off with some necessary corrections from past episodes. We then get into a short discussion (more to come later) about the characteristic differences of tubes. Mr. Brubaker sits down and tells us his story on how he got started in the business of making exceptionally fine instruments. Kevin and his team of craftsmen create some of the most exotic basses and guitars the world has ever seen. . .

We hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as we do.
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